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With the worldwide COVID 19 pandemic impacting so many, we at Kaktōs wanted to do something.  More than anything, we wanted to show our appreciation to and for those who are working to keep us safe.  2 weeks ago,
we posted on Instagram that we would give a free pair of socks to health care professionals if they sent us an email. The response has been truly amazing and, honestly, overwhelming! 

Working together with our 4 kids, we've given away 1000 pairs of socks. Check out our Instagram to see all the BTS!

However, we still have over 8000+ emails in our inbox from Healthcare professionals needing socks!  We want to be able to give socks to those heroes so that they have a comfortable pair of socks to get them through their long shifts. 

"These socks feel divine.
The snug support for 9 hrs on my feet is amazing.
Love, love, love."
- Marcia B.

We are asking people to donate via Venmo (@kaktos) or Paypal ( to allow us to get these 7500+ heroes socks to support them as they continue to give of themselves to protect our communities. 100% of the proceeds will go directly toward this effort. People can also donate on  

We are proudly manufactured, and sourced in the USA.  Last Monday, 80% of our manufacturer's orders were either cancelled or postponed due to the coronavirus. He is one of the only surviving sock manufacturers in a small town that used to have over 300 of them!  Providing these socks to the healthcare heroes will allow him to keep his workers employed in a time of uncertainty.

So our mission is 2 fold - we want to show our love and gratitude to those working in healthcare right now and we also want to support our USA manufacturer who has weathered so much and is one of the last ones standing.

At Kaktōs, we want to show our gratitude and remind others that we, as humans, are 'knit' together. Thank you for all of your support, and thank you Healthcare Heroes for your service and sacrifice.

love, the Kaktos team
#knittogether #kaktosmade #wearwell


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